Moving on.

It’s hard to know when you’ve grown out of things. It’s hard to judge sometimes whether those favorite shoes still fit or reading a certain genre of books still does you well.

It’s even harder to know when you’re creating it.


I’ve grown out of this blog. I love the platform it has provided me to think, but I want a little more. I haven’t written for months now, lacking things to say on the narrow topic of what I set this blog to be about. When I was writing frequently, I was dissatisfied that I couldn’t always write what I was thinking, given it deviated too much from the slim idea of what I had thought this blog would be.


Therefore, given the above, I created and am working on creating a new platform: another blog, another title, another theme. If you want to see, I’ve just barely started writing over here, at Books and Biology.


Nothing may ever truly end, but I’m stopping writing for this blog. Growing up, out around. I’m happy to be moving on.

If you want to keep reading my writing, I’ll be at, slowly creating a new place.

Thanks for reading.

All the best,