Mail Day and the Near Future

Today was mail day.




As in, today was the day when I finally dragged my behind to the post office and picked up packages that had been sitting there waiting for me. One from six days ago and one that came in today. (Thankfully, the package containing the brownie was the one that came in today, and yes, I did make sure of that.) And, as is pictured here, I got things in the mail. Exciting stuff. Besides what’s pictured here, I also got a watch, a set of 12 lacrosse balls for a math project, the February issue of Bon Appetit, and two letters from my mom. It was an exciting afternoon.

The stuff above was the coolest, though. Except for the hat. That hat was mine before this (and it was technically supposed to be my mom’s but I intercepted it, he he). The items pictured besides the Dostoevsky and the hat were from my February Umba box package. Umba Box is a service that sends you handmade goods every month. I had found it and shown it to my mom, who bought a subscription and sent it to me (thank you, mother). This month’s box was this sweet little plate with a hummingbird, some handcrafted French Lavender soap, and a gluten-free chocolate brownie with sea salt. It’s so fun to get it in the mail, and to see the surprise inside, which is often hard to guess because the boxes vary in size quite a lot. Once I got a pillow; necklaces and coasters; other soap; etc. Very fun.

Then. What we’ve all been waiting for. (Insert dramatic music clip… bum bum bum). The book pictured above. The Dostoevsky (my frenemy). The Brothers Karamazov. Basically, how I’m going to spend half mine time for two weeks starting Tuesday. I’m embarking on a literary analysis school project that involves philosophy related to the dissection of The Brothers Karamazov. I believe the official title is, “Murder, Mayhem, Mortality, and Masks,” though don’t quote me on it. This will be fun and kinda scary considering my previous Dostoevsky experience (as in, my attempt to read Notes from the Underground last spring), but it should be wonderful overall (I hope).

Also upcoming at the same time: Non-Euclidean geometry! The other half of how I’m going to spend my time for the next two weeks. An exploration of non-Euclidean geometry, great circles, the reformation of geometric proofs given non-Euclidean concepts, and diagrams involving lacrosse balls and oranges. Plus hyperbolic paraboloids if I have time. It’s going to be totally fun and a little insane.

Anyhow, I have a ten-minute-long video on sugar’s impact on the world that I should edit right now, as well as familiarizing myself with the subjunctive mood in Spanish. This is what I’m working on, though I hope I can write more (and read more), as well as philosophize more, for me over the next couple of days and weeks (and months and years) too. And I’m in a spelling bee tonight, and taking the AMC 12 on Tuesday. Fun stuff! Read lots and have a great week.




One thought on “Mail Day and the Near Future

  1. “Technically supposed to be my mom’s.” Ahem. It was commissioned to be made by your mother. For herself. (In full knowledge that is was likely to be commandeered, yes.)
    Enjoy the escape from Euclid.

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