Quotes of the Week- Weeks 22 & 23

I’ve been neglectful.

Of this blog, that is.

I’ve been quite attentive to many other things.


Reading books, per se.

Adding to my library. 

Playing soccer. Mainly left mid, which I am bad at but trying.

Talking to people.

Spending weekends playing Bananagrams with friends and making friendship bracelets or spending afternoons pickling dilly beans and making applesauce.

Quaint but quite nice.

Yet with all of that, my posting has fallen behind. And now I am more determined than ever not to let that happen.

So I would give you ten quotes. Because that is what any sane person trying to catch up on things would do. But guess what?

It’s Sunday morning. I’m feeling very lazy. I woke up an hour ago and have been cruising food blogs. It’s been a nice morning.

I’m going to brunch pretty soon too.

And am I going to give you ten quotes?

No. Not today. I will give you a couple great pictures with quotes instead. It’s much easier than getting up out of bed to get my quote notebook and then pick ones and then type them out, and blah blah blah.

Here you go. The ten-quote supplement.


(This especially matches my new adventure, by the way…)

I am enough


(Repost but this deserves it.)

JC quote


(As does this deserve a repost. One of my favorites ever.)

So you can assume that each of these pictures takes the place of three and a third quotes. And deal with that. I have brunch to be off to, and more book reviews to write later.



Quotes of the Week- Weeks 19, 20, 21


I can’t believe how long it’s been. Really. I think about all of these random quotes all the time in my life, talk about them in life, have a couple of favorites up on the wall. Yet I haven’t posted quotes on this blog. In three weeks. Wow. That’s a long time. A lot, and I mean a LOT has gone on in that time. 

Like my taking the picture above. Little camera experimentation with focus stuff. What I do when I’m surrounded by people, outside, and bored with a camera.

Things have changed. People have changed. Situations changed. I’ve changed. And while it may seem like a short time scale for that, trust me, it’s not. It has been an extremely grueling three weeks. So I am being a bit antisocial on Saturday night and indulging myself and staying in reading baking blogs and playing music from my “Writing Inspiration” playlist. 

And writing this post, because I couldn’t let another week pass by without writing. That’s insane. Four weeks. That would be a record, and I’m not ready for it yet. So here are 15 quotes for the three weeks. Some of them are food-related, because I am on a Pinterest/finding recipes from various baking blogs kick and I am itching to bake something sooooo badly. And while I usually am not one for cake mixes, there may be some angel food in my near future…

That was a side note. Here are the quotes:

1. “There is nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.” -Linda Grayson, The Pickwick Papers

2. “Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.” -Ryan Gosling

3. “All you really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” -Lucy

4. “My life did not seem so vanilla now.” Article 5 by Kristen Simmons

5. “Keep calm and eat chocolate!” 

6. “The world’s most perfect opposites (and complements)- chocolate and vanilla.”

7. “Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands- and then eat just one of the pieces.” -Judith Viorst

(Second side note: I intended to have 5-10 food quotes, not 7 all about chocolate. Just sayin’, but it happened, and I have to save my JC picture one for another time.)

8. “Stop saying I WISH. Start saying I WILL.”

9. “Think about how far you’ve come TODAY and how much farther you’ll go TOMORROW.”

10. “What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expect generally happens.” -Benjamin Disraeli

11. “Pulling someone down (including yourself) will never help you reach the top.”

12. “These are the days of our lives. Don’t waste them.”

13. “Never stop challenging yourself.”

14. “All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust.” -J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

And lastly, 15. “Being on top of the world doesn’t mean anything unless you know what it’s like to be at the bottom.”

I hope y’all (where did that come from?! I’m a northerner!) have a great week. Take a couple minutes to enjoy the little things, and most of all, have fun!



Quotes of the Week- Weeks 16, 17, 18


I’m on vacation, though technically I have been all summer. I’ve also been negligent of this blog over the past few weeks, so I have some catching up to do in terms of quotes. So here are 15 for the two weeks prior and this week.

It also so happens that all 15 quotes for this week are Six-Word Memoirs. I heard about these last school year, and have a book filled with them. The organization has a cool website here, and as a fun writing thing, I thought I would do a set of quotes in them. 

I apologize that this catch-up for quotes may happen more frequently over the next few weeks, as I’m preparing for some big changes, but I will be sure to continue reading and writing no matter what. Maybe not quite as frequently, but still no matter what 🙂

Here are 15 six-word memoir quotes:

1. “Make yourself smile more than others.”

2. “Be the person you admire most.”

3. “Dance like no one is watching.”

4. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” (Friday Night Lights”)

5. “Fill the sky with your dreams.”

6. “Winners never quit; quitters never win.” ( My six-word memoir version of Vince Lombardi’s famous quote)

7. “You are your own biggest enemy.” (My former volleyball coach)

8. “When nothing goes right, go left.”

9. “I like the imperfections of things.” (Irene Silvagni)

10. “Keep calm and always read on.”

11. “We’re going to be quantum physicists.” 

12. “Don’t say no. Just be positive.”

13. “Her voice is full of money.” (The Great Gatsby)

14. “You are supposed to make mistakes.”

15. “Innovation is its own peculiar ingenuity.”

I hope you all have a good week, and I have picked up a (quite large) stack of books here which I plan to read and review in the near future. I just have to get through Emma first 🙂


Quotes of the Week- Weeks 14 & 15


I hope summer is going well. Or winter, if you happen to be reading this in the Southern Hemisphere. August is underway here and I am sitting home typing with a “very good” excuse as to why I didn’t post quotes last week. Here goes:

I was working on an extra-special quotes post, based on one of my favorite books (I know, there are a lot 🙂 ). It’s super-summery and one of the funniest, if not the funniest realistic fiction books I’ve ever read. I’m not going to spoil what it is. So I was working on getting five wonderful quotes from it, ones that made me smile or laugh so hard while reading it, and pictures too. But I couldn’t get the pictures to upload on WordPress, and they were so crucial that I decided to postpone. Oh well. 

So now you get 10 quotes cumulative for the two weeks. I hope you readers, no matter how small or almost imaginary to me, are okay with that 🙂

Here are ten quotes for this week:

1. “The only way to get rid of cockroaches is to tell them you want a long-term relationship!” -Jasmine Birtles

2. “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” -Jane Austen

3. “With friends, one is well; but at home, one is better.” -Leo Tolstoy

4. “The best style is the style you don’t notice.” -Somerset Maugham

5. “There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.” -G. K. Chesterton

6. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein

7. “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” -Albert Camus

8. “So of cheerfulness, or a good temper, the more it is spent, the more it remains.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

9. “Either hero or mud, there was no in between.” -Fydor Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground

10. “You are your own biggest enemy.” -Coach Flahrety, my old volleyball coach

I have Geometry prep to do before I take the Regents a week from now. I will post a review on Nanny Returns soon!


Quotes of the Week- Week 13

Quickest five quotes ever!




2. “When one door closes, another one opens.”

3. “For every ten ‘no’s out there, there’s a ‘yes’ waiting to be discovered.” (I came up with this one tonight. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 )

4. “It’s not the action, it’s the reaction.”

5. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” -Benjamin Franklin (Especially applicable tonight as I am trying to fit this in before sleeping and getting up early for Geometry tomorrow.)

My week has been crazy and full of excitement and anticipation as I found out that I will be able to make the equivalent of two days of family beach week, which I thought I would miss entirely from Geometry. It means a lot of time reading in the car while trekking six hours to the Delaware shore 🙂 Should be good for finishing Emma. Will post on that as soon as I finish it. It’s amazing so far. Jane Austen is so witty and so totally amazing.

That’s a good final thought for tonight. Have a great week (and nice weather, as I’m hoping some for the beach).


Quotes of the Week- Week 12

This is, as the title suggests, my five quotes for this week. I have been meaning to post this for, I don’t know, three days or so, but have been busy with Geometry and enjoying my summer. Isn’t enjoyment so time-consuming? 🙂

As a theme for this week, I am going to post the five best fortune cookie fortunes I know. It surely sounds weird, but the quotes are good. And we had Chinese food for lunch the other day, so I have some fresh ones 🙂 

Here are the five best fortunes:

1. “Playing safe is only playing.”

2. “Before you ask yourself ‘Am I doing things right?’, ask yourself, ‘Am I doing the right things?’.”

3. “Warning: do not eat your fortune.” (this was my sister’s the other day)

4. “To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.”

5. “The beginning of all understanding is innocent.”

I hope you have a great week!


Quotes of the Week- Week 11


Another summer week it is, and I am not cheating today. Five quotes. Really. Five of them. Not forgetting for multiple weeks on end on putting some picture in place of it (though it was an amazing quote last week). Today I am not lazy, I did an eleven-step Geometric proof (compared to the five- or six-step ones we normally do, it was EXTREMELY long), and I am giving five wonderful quotes for everyone who takes the time to maybe occasionally read this blog. 

Here you go, some of my favorites:

1. “You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always think of you.” -J.M. Barrie

2. “When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions in kindness.” -Proverbs 31:26

3. “It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself.” -Thomas Paine

4. “Hope costs nothing.” -Colette

5. “It takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I finished the first season of “Friday Night Lights” this afternoon, and will probably start watching season two in a couple of days. I just love Julie and Matt. And Tami Taylor and Eric Taylor. And just about the entire cast, including Tim Riggins. So… I will write later on storytelling for television and storytelling for movies and how different it is from writing to be read in a novel. Even for the stage it’s really different. There is a way to “Friday Night Lights” that I adore in the way the plot is character-driven. We happen to own the boxed sets of all five seasons on DVD, so it’s been a disjointed marathon and will continue. 

I hope everyone’s week is going well. Think about those quotes and read more (I’m on “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tenessee Williams right now). 

Have a nice day!