In Response to Failure.

How many times have I been told, “Don’t be afraid to fail!” or “Don’t worry about messing up!”? Many, many more than I can count. Perhaps that comes from my obsessive, bordering on compulsive perfectionist nature, or the fact that people, particularly my teachers, want an antidote to that nature. Yet “don’t be afraid to fail” doesn’t seem to help me, and seems like it never will.

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New Beginnings


Hello, everyone!

Or should I say, “Hello A Book and A Button readers on the interconnected web we term the internet!”? I don’t know. And at this point in time, I don’t really care either. 

I’m here to post very briefly a big thank-you and an advance apology. 

First: Thank you! I have shared this blog with family and friends lately and I want to thank them for checking this out. I love you guys! And I love all of you other readers too! 🙂

Second: I’m heading off for some big new things in a couple of weeks and won’t be posting as often, so don’t be surprised. However, when I get back to posting more, I promise the posts will be that much more exciting and lively!

For many good beginnings ahead, and growth like the crocuses 🙂