If Mindy Kaling Ran the World….

If Mindy Kaling ran the world, then…

  • there would be no cockroaches
  • teenage girls would carry her picture in their purses and use it for style advice
  • book covers would all be colorful and decorative
  • actresses would not all be sample sizes
  • the most beautiful dresses would be in sizes six to twelve
  • there would be a string of best-selling novels based off the revenge fantasies she has while jogging
  • the public would torture Rainn Wilson for her
  • and so on and so forth

In the seventh grade, my friends Div and Louise wanted to run the world. They said I could be their royal advisor. That is probably as close as I have come to world royalty. Yet why am I thinking of this? Particularly of Mindy Kaling running the world? Oh yeah, I just reread her autobiography Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).



(This is very much a tuck-it-in-your-purse kind of book.)

You see, I love Mindy. She is awesome. Not only is Mindy Kaling a smart, empowered woman, she’s very very funny as a writer and comedian (that’s her job, you see). It makes me kinda sad that teenage girls know all about Rihanna and Beyonce and Kim Kardashian (ew, I hate even writing the name) but not about people like Mindy Kaling. I’m definitely not saying that those people aren’t in the media for a reason, or that they’re not good people; I believe that the women teen girls should idolize should have ideals that more apparently could benefit the next generation. (Therefore, my adoration of Mindy Kaling, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rebecca Skloot, Kathleen Flinn, etc.)

Mindy Kaling’s book is an autobiography detailing small, memoir-like chunks of her life. It’s never really a whole story, just bits and pieces and anecdotes. While sometimes that’s fantastic, it also leaves me wondering, what were you like in high school? College? What classes did you take, what was your major? Why did you pick that college? What’s your favorite _______? Why this? Why not that? Most of the time, the short passages left me sufficiently happy, and I could deduce or assume the answers from the surrounding information given (yay context clues!).

Now, Mindy’s job is a comedy writer, and an actress. That means that she’s a funny person, and it translates very well into what she writes about herself and her life. While poking fun at herself and others and situations, she’s comical in a gentle way that mostly leaves me smiling and sometimes has me rolling on the floor. I think my favorite part of the entire book is the back cover, the line under the picture of her as a small child. That in itself is why you buy this book.

Anyways, four stars for the gorgeous, hilarious Mindy Kaling. Thank you for being inspiring, a role model, especially in how you shrug off mistakes and poke fun at yourself in retrospect. Thanks for giving us a two-day beach read, and all the advice along the way. Keep writing!

Will review several more books in the next couple of days. Need to catch AB&AB up with the reading I’ve been doing. Off to research and read Their Eyes Were Watching God.



4 thoughts on “If Mindy Kaling Ran the World….

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  2. I adored Mindy Kaling after reading her book, except the funny thing is, it didn’t make me want to watch her TV show. Not that I’m against TV, but I had seen a quick excerpt somewhere that I didn’t love, and after reading her book I somehow I was afraid that watching the show would make me like her less. Reading, of course, gives more thoughtful coverage and a broader sense of character than a TV show caricature can. But I do wonder if there is a real fragmentation in her audience or if most readers of her book were already fans of her TV show?

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