Things I Love

After several days of feeling sick and icky, I am ready to appreciate getting back into the swing of things. And that includes writing on this blog again, which I will do very soon, I promise. For now, a couple favorite things.


1. The best chocolate bar ever.


Just my favorite chocolate right now. Amazing bittersweet/salt/nutty crunch balance, and that is not something I take lightly. Most all of Theo’s chocolate is incredible, and I cannot wait to get more when I get home soon.

2. Flannery O’Connor. You rock. I need to read more (though I’m in the middle of Frank McCourt right now…)

3. Ice cream machines. I don’t like ice cream, and it was almost ten below zero this morning. I’m crazy, I know. But recipes like this make me want ice cream and summer and all of that to come sooner rather than later, even not being a “summer person.”

4. Weather that looks like this:



Well. Because it was -8F this morning.

5. Tea. Tea is awesome. Yeah. Basically.

6. Divestment. It’s important to me right now, and I get to argue for environmentalism tomorrow in an urbanization debate, and I’m psyched.


Well, that’s all for tonight, folks. Have a great week!



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