Top 10 Favorite Things Right Now

Good morning! 

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I admit and apologize for being negligent, as the end of the trimester found me extremely busy, and hadn’t much time to write (or read, for that matter). Solutions come over break! Today is pie-baking day, and I have some time to pump out posts when those beauties are in the oven. None in yet, but they will be soon. 

Anyways, as a “warm-up post” since I haven’t written in a while, I thought I’d do a Top 10. Favorite Things Right Now. I did one of these in what, June? I think it was June. You can find it here (or here was the one right after it). I like those posts a lot. Maybe it’s because they’re really fun to write, and I kept seeing them on some of my favorite blogs in my absence. And so I present my own. 

1. PIES! 

I am making six or more pies today. I think it will be seven because one recipe makes a double. For a sneak-peek of my choices, I’m making one of these (which have amazing pictures), one of these, and one of these for my neighbors. Excited for a day of baking ahead. 

2. The Best American Nonrequired Reading

My (I don’t know how to describe the subject) teacher sent me something related to Ray Bradbury, and the quote was from the 2012 version of this. I really want to look it over, as it seems very interesting from the first glance. 

3. Sandra Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street

I just started this the other day. It is the first book for me ever that I am fully committing to writing in the actual margins. Post-its are typically my thinking vehicle (fueled by my English teacher last year), so it is really weird for me to pick up a pencil and start writing in the book. I like it, though, and the book itself is awesome and quirky and I will post a review when I finish (which hopefully will be pretty soon). 

4. These cookies.

I am hoping an opportunity will pop up in the near future for me to make these (though I am making Christina Tosi’s cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookies on Sunday– which brings me to #5….). 

5. Christina Tosi!

A newly-discovered role model of mine. She kicks some pastry butt. Tough as nails, endlessly innovative, and a driving force (if not THE driving force) behind super-cool Momofuku Milk Bar. I got the cookbook (thank you, Dad!) as a present while up at school; I cannot wait to start experimenting!



6. Holiday planning. 

I am already looking at cookies and wrapping paper. Is that a bad thing? I hope not. I have too many cookie recipes and ideas for that. I like being very much in control far in advance, so planning holiday cookies before Thanksgiving is over? Maybe not normal, but it will keep me a little more sane. 

7. Fujifilm X10



My friend has this camera and I’ve fallen in love with it. Definitely on the “potential presents for myself” list (along with the smaller things that are this and this and this). 

8. The Literary Gift Company

One of my favorite online gift sellers. Their stuff has book charm without being too kitschy sometimes, and it is very fun to browse. 

9. Book Arts

This is an awesome activity I’m taking where you make new books/notebooks! Sometimes out of other books (the library has this fantastic free book bin- need to scour on a daily basis). Sometimes from scratch. I will definitely post pictures later. It is a wonderful way to relax, make new notebooks, look at really cool things other people make…. And I have a great instructor, which helps. 

10. The Vanilla Bean Blog



I have fallen in love with this blog big time. I had seen the name before but not explored until recently- and I was so happy I did! The recipes are original and beautiful, and the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Be sure to check it out if you have time. 

That’s all for now, folks. I’m off to bake some pies!



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