The World’s Weirdest Cupcakes (AKA How I Have a Good Weekend)


Hi all-

I hope you can infer by the title of this post (which is kind of strange in itself) that I had a good weekend. I certainly did. Especially Sunday, which was pretty nice and relaxing. I went to and played in a soccer game, which our team won, winning the championships. I got back on campus and toasted pumpkin seeds. Then took a trip with a friend into town. I bought goodies pictured above. 

Then, after coming back, working for a little while, and going to dinner, I made cupcakes. They tasted pretty much like normal cupcakes. Except there was one surprise ingredient. You could never guess what it was from eating it, but here are some clues-

1. A health food thing. 

2. Brown. 

3. Small. 

4. My dad sent me a whole box of them because I’d wanted to try them in the first place, though I don’t have many (or any) uses for them here. 

Do you know? Probably not. You wanna see what they looked like?


You still can’t guess, I know.

I’ll tell you.

Flax seeds. Yup. I put flax seeds in cupcakes.

You couldn’t taste them at all. And if anything, you could kinda see them, and while warm, there was a slight nuttiness to the cakes that you don’t normally get with chocolate cake mix. 

Do you want to try this? Put about a quarter to a half a cup of flax seeds into a box of cake mix. (Side note: I hate cake mix and I’m only using it because of the circumstances.) Add slightly more than that amount of chopped mini Halloween candy bars (I also hate Halloween, and these cupcakes were to thank a friend who made it awesome for me this year. Thanks Amelia!). Bake. Frost with frosting. Put a Hershey’s Kiss on top (unwrapped, of course). Eat.

If you do not own paper cupcake liners, it’s probably not a good idea to make these just in your cupcake pan. I found this out last night. If that happens to you and they stick and come out all warped, put them in a bowl, crumble with frosting until pretty moist, then form balls or flatten the mixture. Refrigerate. Preferably overnight. You could potentially freeze it too. Then cut into squares and you can eat it that way and it’ll taste awesome and be cooler than a destroyed cupcake. And all the candy stuff kinda sinks to the bottom, so definitely opt for this instead of trying to salvage the awkward cupcakes.

So I made some weird cupcakes, I took a trip into town, and I worked on an essay and a project. Of which I should do more of now and not write. I will post quotes later this week, maybe tomorrow. 

Hope your weekend went swell! Read lots of good books (some of which I will review in the near future)!



4 thoughts on “The World’s Weirdest Cupcakes (AKA How I Have a Good Weekend)

  1. The cupcake looks picture perfect. How did it taste? The surprise ingredient was indeed a surprise, but surely added a healthy element to a sweet. Great report of the weekend.

  2. Love the good countering the “bad” (I mean, life is so much sweeter (ahem) with a few cupcakes and candy bars sprinkled among the quinoa and kale…

    • It may seem healthy, but it was also interspersed with chemical-laden chocolate cake mix and frosting (which I don’t like on a regular basis, but still)… I definitely eat enough kale sometimes to make up for it!


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