Quotes of the Week- Weeks 22 & 23

I’ve been neglectful.

Of this blog, that is.

I’ve been quite attentive to many other things.


Reading books, per se.

Adding to my library. 

Playing soccer. Mainly left mid, which I am bad at but trying.

Talking to people.

Spending weekends playing Bananagrams with friends and making friendship bracelets or spending afternoons pickling dilly beans and making applesauce.

Quaint but quite nice.

Yet with all of that, my posting has fallen behind. And now I am more determined than ever not to let that happen.

So I would give you ten quotes. Because that is what any sane person trying to catch up on things would do. But guess what?

It’s Sunday morning. I’m feeling very lazy. I woke up an hour ago and have been cruising food blogs. It’s been a nice morning.

I’m going to brunch pretty soon too.

And am I going to give you ten quotes?

No. Not today. I will give you a couple great pictures with quotes instead. It’s much easier than getting up out of bed to get my quote notebook and then pick ones and then type them out, and blah blah blah.

Here you go. The ten-quote supplement.


(This especially matches my new adventure, by the way…)

I am enough


(Repost but this deserves it.)

JC quote


(As does this deserve a repost. One of my favorites ever.)

So you can assume that each of these pictures takes the place of three and a third quotes. And deal with that. I have brunch to be off to, and more book reviews to write later.



One thought on “Quotes of the Week- Weeks 22 & 23

  1. Great way to get the rhythm of your days…
    And I particularly like the “I am enough” quote. At one particularly tough time at my work a few years ago, I had a post-it with just the word “enough” on my phone to remind me of the message. It helped to remind me that that’s all I could do, and that I was indeed “enough”.

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