Writing! Yay!




I am writing in the couple of minutes I have now when I have finished one little piece of homework (and still have more to do) before I have to jet off to someplace else. 

I thought that in this couple of minutes I would share a snapshot with you readers from recently. I am busy writing like crazy for all sorts of stuff- classes, journals, THIS BLOG… And I kinda just needed the reminder for myself to take those couple of minutes to write for fun. Because I love it. Because it helps me relax and get ideas and emotions out. Because it makes me aware and calm and able to be me. 

So I need to write more for me. And using this as a writing resource (which I love, no doubt), I thought I’d share that. Find some time to write for yourself too! I’ve heard far far too many people tell me that they hate writing, that they could never just do it for themselves and enjoy it. Yet I think they’re all wrong and just need to give it a go. If you’re one of them, please try to write! You unsuspecting writers often have some of the best voices and things to say, and I’d like to hear them. 

But for now, I have places to go and things to do and see, so I will be off. Friday Night Lights is almost finished, and the review for that, as well as the quotes for this week, will be up soon. Read (and write) a lot in the meantime!



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