Top 10 Favorite Comfort Foods

Hi all!

I am writing this on my “new adventure,” which is very exciting so far. Some of you who are friends and family know what that adventure is, and for those who don’t, it’s simply “my new adventure” as a reader and writer and blogger and learner.

Anyways, everything has been going well. First week of classes! As an obsessive academic, I don’t think there could be anything better, other than the homework and assignments attached to it. I have started reading Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger, and will post the review for Z shortly.

Now, however, I have something else to talk about- comfort food. We all have those foods that just make our mouthes water when we feel homesick, or the things we want to eat when we’re busy or needing a flashback to the good ol’ times when you’d sit around consuming these things and doing various activities in the memories attached.

Here are my top 10:

1. Chicken noodle soup. I don’t think it can possibly get homier than this. I had this on the last night before I started the new adventure. My dad makes the best chicken noodle soup, and I think it may be my favorite food ever.

2. Swedish Fish. My one and only candy thing. These are my “before I have a nervous break down” food, and they were also a volleyball food, associated with the many tournaments we went to as a team. I was snacking on a couple right before I started this post 🙂

3. Chocowalla Odwalla cereal bars and Peppermint Stick Luna bars. Again, game food for volleyball, both tournaments and team games. These are power foods. Again, amazing, and some of the only bars I would take with me everywhere because they taste really good as well as give you lots of energy.

4. Shepard’s pie. This is the ultimate winter food. Just about ever. I have been slowly weaning myself onto vegetarianism, and I would break for this food (and chicken soup, of course). We have a deal at home that Mom cooks on Sunday football nights, and this is a staple. Ground beef or lamb on the bottom, with little peas and carrots mixed in. Fluffy mashed potatoes with butter and sometimes melted cheese (parmesan only) on top. Totally ah-mazing.

5. Kale. Again, power food, except in vegetable form. It is awesome in awesome’s basic form: awe-inspiring. I love kale, especially cooked. I love cooked kale so much. That or spinach cooked goes with everything and I could eat it for dinner every night for almost forever. I know some people find it intimidating, but I hope you can muster up the nerve to just try it cooked first. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

6. Cinnamon toast, particularly on an English muffin or a mini bagel. Do you know those supermarket bagels? The mini ones that come in plastic bags that aren’t really bagels? That’s what I’m talking about. My dad is not a bagel person, so these are of rare occurrence. The same goes with English muffins recently, though their disappearance is yet to be explained… Less carbs in the house? We need to use up the old cereal for breakfast instead? No matter, cinnamon toast, just butter with a cinnamon-sugar mix on top, is a top chilly winter morning breakfast. And while it’s not quite winter yet, it gets pretty chilly in the mornings, and I’ve been thinking of this.

7. York Peppermint Patties. Okay, so I kinda lied when I said that Swedish Fish were my only sweet thing… I love these too, though I don’t keep a stash in a desk drawer like I do Swedish Fish for fear of them melting. One of the best hot weather snacks (to contrast that cinnamon toast is good in cold weather)? These. Frozen. Or even just kept in the fridge for several hours or a couple days. Soooooo good.

8. Mango-fish curry. Over the past few months, this has become my favorite takeout food. They have it at this Thai place relatively near to my house, and gosh, it is so good. The curry, the sweet mango, the little strips of red pepper and onion tossed in, the crispy fried fish on top… Insanely delectable. I should try to make my own soon.

9. Smokehouse almonds. These are a great plane snack, in case you ever want them. Along with honey-roasted peanuts for car rides, which are a different story. But these make me reminisce about Sunday afternoons, sitting and reading or doing my homework. Fantabulous munchie. Love these for the whole salty-crunchy thing which is hard to get the right balance of.

10. Chocolate chip cookies. I had to end on this. These are just so homey and warm and welcoming that they had to be saved for last. Chilly afternoon days? Pop these in the oven and soon you’ll be warm, smelling something good, and feeling all cozy again. A recipe I want to try is this off Butter Baking (because even I with my foolproof one need to experiment sometimes).

I hope all of these remind you of home somehow, and that you can find ways to have or share with me your favorites (like my dad’s was navy beans with ham and ketchup when he was a kid).  I would love to hear everything, and I promise that lots will come your way once I get into a routine in my “new adventure.”



3 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Comfort Foods

  1. No real surprises here in the comfort foods, though I am surprised that chocolate chip cookies didn’t rank higher. I take it back, the cinnamon toast/bagel took me by surprise. I’ll work on the bagel thing. I’m working on accepting dill and tarragon (for Heidi) as well.

    • Hey,
      I don’t put an order to things, typically, unless it says so specifically. Chicken soup just happens to come to mind first, and is the favorite, so it’s number one. Not that they didn’t rank higher, especially since I’m reminded of how much I love them by making them yesterday, just that I wanted to save them for last.


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