Rainy Days

Inspired by today’s totally rainy weather, I pieced this together:

I love rainy days. I love the way that they rest on your tongue, the way that nothing suits them better than a bowl of soup and a good book or a sudoku puzzle. I love how they make you excited for the sunshine to come; when the storm passes and you go outside and splash in the mud with your rain boots. 

I love that everything seems quiet; either lazy, poised, or some combination. I love the mystery that lurks outside the window; the very natural, very alive place out there. I think of all of the frogs and toads hopping through puddles, and the little worms squirming through extra-squishy, extra-moist soil. 

I love the creativity that rainy days entail. A DIY project here, a story beginning there, and a lead for that English project tucked into a corner somewhere. I love the pictures that you take as you catch the focused raindrops on the car window, and that you can just sit for hours soaking up inspiration. 

I love the melodies, the patterns, that the raindrops make outside the window. Plop, plop, drip, drop, plop, plip! The way that the background patter echoes, and the occasional group to fall on my air conditioner sounds louder than the hundreds beyond. I love that rainy days make me think of band class, with the different sections emitting different pitches. I love the ways that rainy days make me think. 

I love knowing where rainy days come from. I love knowing that it’s part of the passage of a warm front, and that tomorrow or the next day will bring warmth and sunshine. The ground will dry up from evaporation, and soon enough I’ll be craving another rainy day like this one. 

I really do love rainy days. 


Anyone else enjoying a rainy afternoon? I certainly hope so! Make its inspiration count!



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