Books I’m Excited For

Okay, so I always have a super-long list of books to read next, and if I don’t there’s a problem. I have an entire bookshelf devoted to it; it’s the main point of my Amazon wish list; and I constantly get recommendations from my dad and friends. So, I decided to post the ten books I’m most excited to read right now. One of them I just started, but I’ll count it. This’ll be fun!

  1. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare- I have to read this, or some version of it, for school. And then, once my group has thoroughly discussed summaries and different symbolisms, we have to pick an act or scene and perform it (a cut Shakespearean one) for our English final. I am extremely happy! It’s my first taste of Shakespeare, and 40 pages into it I love the lyrical, sonnet nature of it. 
  2. ‘Tis by Frank McCourt- I really truly love Angela’s Ashes, his first memoir, as I detailed in the post My Print Addictions (which you should read, if you haven’t yet…). I got my copy of ‘Tis at the same place I got my copy of Angela’s Ashes, spread several months apart. I didn’t know the book existed, but Angela’s Ashes gave a very indefinite, curious ending. I love McCourt’s writing, and I am psyched for ‘Tis!
  3. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens- Okay, I admit: I really am no literary scholar. I have not read Dickens yet. You probably know that I’m not a literary scholar, as I am a girl randomly writing a book blog, but still… I love literature, and am planning to make this summer a Dickens summer. I got twenty pages into Oliver Twist in the library at lunch one day, and had to stop myself. Dickens, here I come!
  4. Give and Take by Adam Grant- Now I may seem insane. I have no idea who may have heard of or read this book, but it seems incredible. I read this awesome article about Adam Grant in the NY Times Magazine one Sunday night, and I wanted to be a sociologist right then and there. No joke. His work in finding out how we as humans interact is groundbreaking, and my anticipation is huge. 
  5. Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child- How, for a food-obsessed person, have I not read this? Seriously?! After reading Julie & Julia (by Julie Powell; awesome beach read), I am very intrigued by this total cookbook classic. But copies of single volumes (not even boxed sets) cost like $85 each, so they have yet to reach my bookshelf. Next year’s birthday request? When’s the next holiday again? Memorial Day? Can I ask for it then? Just kidding! 🙂
  6. The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards- This is just one of those books that has sat on my shelf for the longest time. I bought it months, even maybe a year ago, and haven’t read it yet (which is a very, VERY long time for me). I could not resist since I love The Memory Keeper’s Daughter so much, and it might be my favorite book ever (and that’s really saying something, considering my innumerable biases). I want to see if any other character can top Caroline Gill. It’s also one of my writing goals in life to make a character as awe-inspiring as Caroline Gill, so that shows just how much I love it…
  7. Penguin Critical Studies: The Great Gatsby by Kathleen Parkinson- I am one of those people who adore books and have highly critical standpoints on the movie(s), and I will later post my review of Baz Luhrman’s version. However, in the mean time, my dad gave me this copy of some critical studies of Fitzgerald’s third novel. I used a very small chunk for my Gatsby social studies paper, but am interested to find out what more it has in store.
  8. Ariel: Poems by Slyvia Plath by Slyvia Plath- Excitement is not the word. Anticipation is not the word. How do I describe what I’m feeling for this? I can’t. That could be a problem. Well, the only other problem is that the same thing happened right after I read The Bell Jar last summer and now I can’t put words on how eye-opening Sylvia Plath’s work is. Oh well. I will find something sufficient when the time comes that I’m actually reviewing it for AB&AB. 
  9. Rereading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling- I was obsessed, really obsessed in the fifth grade, right after I read all seven in about six weeks. I was Hermione for Halloween that year! I haven’t reread since then, but this summer will serve as the perfect time to re-dig myself into the magical adventures of Harry and Ron and Hermione. (P.S. The fifth was always my favorite book, and my least favorite movie)
  10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky- Being a self-termed wallflower, I can’t avoid this book. I saw the movie, and it was pretty good. Now I need to finish this high school-centric book on my way there to have a debate with my cousin, who’s just leaving it. Exciting, nonetheless. 

Truth is that I would probably have all of these books finished if my English teacher didn’t attempt to enforce a read-one-book-at-a-time rule. But that’s another story. I’ll keep reading Romeo and Juliet for now, and try attacking these jewels during finals.



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